Speech Therapy

Our speech-language therapists, Dr Anna Miles and Tessa Livingston, are registered speech-language therapists with the New Zealand Speech-language Therapists’ Association. They work with people with concerns about their voice or swallow.

Dr Anna Miles is the New Zealand Speech-language Therapists’ Association Expert Adviser in Adult Swallowing Disorders, an internationally recognised researcher and a swallowing and voice specialist with 20yr+ experience in the field. 

Tessa Livingston is a speech-language therapist and graduate of ‘The Actors Program’, where she trained in voice for stage and screen.  Tessa has a special interest in professional voice use and performance voice.

Services for adults:

  • Swallowing Assessment and Therapy
  • Voice Assessment and Therapy
  • Head & Neck Cancer Multidisciplinary Management
  • Chronic Cough Therapy
  • Lee Silverman Voice Technique

Services for children:

  • Voice Assessment and Therapy
  • Chronic Cough Therapy

Online services:

  • Dr Anna Miles & Tessa Livingston both offer therapy via videoconferencing / telehealth. 

Educational services for professional voice users, performers, and singers:

  • Professional Voice – protecting and healing your voice
  • Performance Voice – protecting and healing your voice
Ideal for anyone who uses their voice in a professional capacity looking to strengthen, protect or enhance their voice. Professional voice users therapy is specific to you and your vocal needs. It focuses on the health of the voice, reducing strain, producing a clear and easy-to-use voice that reduces your overall fatigue. Whether you’re a singer, actor, use your voice all day every day, for the occasional meeting, or at home with the family, professional voice users therapy is perfect for all.

Gender Affirming Voice Therapy:

Gender affirming voice therapy is a practice that focuses on developing a voice that is authentic to you. The goal of gender-affirming voice therapy is to provide confidence in the use of your voice and using your voice safely, avoiding the risk of strain in the long term. 

This therapy focuses on resonance, breath support, and the pitch of your voice as well as finer details such as vowel use and many more vocal techniques. 

Typical sessions are spread out over a number of months to integrate the techniques fully and allow time for finding out what is best for you and your vocal needs. 

We also provide letters of recommendation for WINZ funding.

Other Services:

  • Specialist swallowing assessments – Videofluoroscopic Study of Swallowing & Flexible Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing
  • ACC providers
  • Second opinions and Expert opinions, including ACC and legal expert opinion experience


Swallowing therapy head and neck

Vocal warm up exercises

Caring for your voice

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