An allergy results from the human immune system’s overreaction to a foreign protein substance, called “allergen”.


Certain factors could increase the risk of developing an ear infection.

Head and Neck

Laryngitis is characterised by inflammation and swelling of the larynx and, in most cases, is caused by common viruses or infections.

Nose and Mouth

We lose our sense of smell when we have an underdeveloped chemical sensing system.


If left unchecked, allergy and sinus problems can lead to serious conditions. They can even be life-threatening for the child.

Skin Lesions

A skin lesion refers to an abnormal growth on the skin or a patch of skin that does not look like the area around it.


Hoarseness may be described as an abnormal change in the voice, making it sound strained and raspy, probably with changes in the pitch and volume.

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