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We are a group practice providing comprehensive ear, nose, and throat services.

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Otolaryngology specialists

Patients are seen in our Greenlane rooms and in Pukekohe, and operations are performed at Gillies and Mercy Hospitals. Our team at Auckland ENT Group includes our experienced surgeons, speech language therapist and administrators who can help you with all your ENT care needs. We provide unique services including laser therapies, unsedated transnasal oesophagoscopy, balloon dilations and vocal fold and middle ear injections in the office making ENT care more convenient.

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Specialist Areas

General ENT

Common problems include glue ear and hearing issues, sore throats and tonsillitis, blocked noses and poor breathing.

Head and neck

May include any aspect of ENT care but usually refers to management of growths or cancer of the head and neck.


Laryngology refers to the function and care of the voicebox and throat.


Otology refers to ear function and care of the ears.


Rhinology refers to nasal function and care of the nose.

Speech therapy

For concerns about the voice or swallowing.

Conditions treated

Children’s ENT

Adult ENT

Interventional ENT

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