Trialling a hearing aid

Before your hearing aid consultation, you will need a recent hearing test (within the last 6 months) – if you have already had one, bring it with you.  If not, we will need to test your hearing beforehand.

Hearing aid consultation appointment

  • Discussion about your listening needs, lifestyle, preferences, and budget
  • You can demo hearing aids during this appointment if time permits

Hearing aid fitting appointment

  • Programming and assessment of hearing aid function in your ears, and discussion about usage and maintenance of your hearing aids

Hearing aid follow up appointments.

  • Appointments during your trial period to ensure your hearing aids are functioning optimally for you

Trial period
You will have a 6 week trial period, during which you will have at least 2 follow up appointments.  In the event of an unsuccessful trial, the cost of the hearing aids will be fully refunded to you.

Hearing aid cost and funding

The cost of hearing aids can vary from $3,000 to $11,000 for a pair.  The exact cost is dependent upon technology levels, features and accessories.

Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for help towards the cost of hearing aids.

Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health has two types of funding available for hearing aids depending on your circumstances: the Hearing Aid Funding Scheme and the Hearing Aid Subsidy.

  • The Hearing Aid Funding Scheme covers the cost of hearing aids for eligible children and adults who are New Zealand residents who ordinarily live in New Zealand. This funding covers only the cost of the hearing aids and does not cover any assessment or fitting fees that an audiology service may charge. Funding for a hearing aid for each ear is available for adults once every six years.  For children, it is available up to three times within six years.
  • The Hearing Aid Subsidy Scheme provides $511.11 (including GST) per hearing aid to adults (over the age of 16) who have a permanent hearing loss and need a hearing aid, are New Zealand residents who ordinarily live in New Zealand and are not covered under the Hearing Aid Funding Scheme. The subsidy for each hearing aid is available once every six years.
  • Note: Only audiologists who are full members of the New Zealand Audiological Society (MNZAS) can access the Ministry of Health’s funding/subsidy scheme for their clients.


ACC funding is available for hearing aids when your hearing loss is injury-related:

  • Hearing loss caused by noise exposure at work
  • Hearing loss caused by an accident
  • Hearing loss caused by medical treatments

Visit the ACC website for more information

The help ACC provides depends on how much of your total hearing loss is due to injury.

Making an ACC claim

  • The claim is initiated by your GP and lodged with ACC
  • ACC will send you forms to fill out and will direct you to visit an audiologist for a full diagnostic hearing test
    • You can choose where you go, but the audiologist must be a full member of the New Zealand Audiological Society
  • ACC may ask you to see an Ear Nose Throat specialist for further assessment
  • ACC will use this information to make a decision

If your claim is accepted, ACC will provide financial support towards the costs of the hearing aids and will also contribute towards the fitting fees charged. ACC can also contribute towards the cost of hearing aid maintenance, ear moulds and repairs, and will also provide you with replacement batteries as you need them.

Work and Income (WINZ)

If you’re on a low income or benefit, you may be able to get help from Work and Income for essential costs associated with hearing loss that aren’t covered by ACC or the Ministry of Health. It’s important to note that this help must be repaid. To qualify for this assistance, you must meet an income and asset test.

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