Microlaryngoscopy for Adults

This procedure involves assessment of the voicebox, vocal cords, upper airway, and often the trachea. Biopsies and surgical excision of lesions in the larynx can be carried out at the same time.  Biopsy results usually take 5-7 days to come back.

If the surgery has involved the vocal cords, then some voice rest protection is essential in the initial post-operative period. Your surgeon may advise voice rest for a period of 24 hours – 7 days, depending on the procedure. During this time, use a pen and paper to communicate. NO TALKING, shouting or whispering.  After 24 hours, you can test your voice by humming.  If you can hum comfortably, then usually, you can begin talking in small amounts.

If you have discomfort, take Paracetamol (Panadol) 4 hourly. DO NOT take Aspirin as this may cause bleeding. Sip plenty of clear fluids, no extremes of temperature, e.g. very hot or icy. Avoid coffee for 48 hours.  Eating and drinking are not usually affected.

If you have had a laser procedure, you may be advised additional voice instructions or rest.  If you have had an implant (by injection or Goretex), you may feel a lump sensation in the throat for anywhere from 24 hours to 7 days. 

All other patients:

  • Keep speaking to a minimum.
  • No whispering for one week.
  • No shouting or singing.
  • No smoking
  • Avoid coughing and clearing your throat – instead, perform an exaggerated swallow to clear irritation.
  • Hold short conversations; talk normally, at arm’s length.
  • Steam inhalation will help; you may add Eucalyptus.
  • Take your anti-reflux medication as prescribed.

If you have any concerns after your procedure, please contact the following:

  • Auckland ENT Group – 09 522 2226
  • Your Family Doctor / GP
  • After hours – 24 Hour Medical Centre
  • In case of an emergency – call 111 or contact the Emergency Department at your nearest Hospital.

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