Oral prednisone is related to the hormones released by the adrenal glands in response to stress. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory medication and in ENT, is usually prescribed for a few days to weeks only.

Side effects:

  • Difficulty sleeping – many patients experience difficulty sleeping at night. To lessen this effect, prednisone is taken in the morning.
  • Mood changes – some patients experience increased energy levels and a few become agitated or aggressive. It would be best if you warned your family that there is a possibility that your mood may be a little different.
  • Weight gain – patients may gain weight because prednisone stimulates appetite and causes some fluid retention. The weight gain associated with a short course is unlikely to be great and is usually lost after the course ends.
  • Indigestion – the possibility of this side effect is lessened if prednisone is taken with food. Sometimes additional medication is needed to settle indigestion symptoms should they occur. Bleeding stomach ulcers are rare.
  • Hip problems – this side effect is extremely rare and is due to bony necrosis, but if you develop hip pain while on prednisone, you should stop it immediately and see your doctor.
  • It usually won’t cause significant problems for short term treatment.

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