House Dust Mite Avoidance Techniques

House Dust Mite Avoidance Techniques

  • Initial Cleaning (repeat at 3 monthly intervals)
  • Remove all furniture, rugs and curtains, empty closets and cupboards.
  • Clean the walls, ceilings, floors and windows thoroughly.
  • After cleaning replace only that furniture which is necessary. Cushions and rugs should be washed and non-upholstered chairs are preferable. Keep only clothing that is used in wardrobes. Unused clothing should be stored elsewhere.

Preferably use a rubber mattress and rubber or Dacron pillows, washable bed covers and Dacron filled over covers.  Where wool allergy is a problem, synthetic blankets are preferable.

Cover the mattress, base and pillows with appropriate house dust mite barriers (see below). Duvets should also be washable or covered.

Dust mites are killed by heat:

  • All bedding used on top of mite covers should be washed every 1-2 weeks
  • A hot water wash (>55◦C) will kill the dust mites and remove the allergen
  • If hot washing is not possible, then using a hot cycle in the dryer (>15 minutes) can also kill the mites after routine washing
  • Soak blankets for an hour or two before washing in a tub of water, to which has been added eucalyptus oil 100mls dissolved in dishwashing detergent 25mls. Eucalyptus oil kills mites
  • Soft toys should either be hot washed regularly, or mites can be killed if the toy is put in the freezer (in a plastic bag) for 24 hours

Avoid if possible
Feathers, kapok, wool, eiderdowns, candlewick bedspreads, thick carpets, underfelt, heavy drapes and Venetian blinds, all of which collect dust and dust mites.

Maintenance Cleaning
Clean the room daily. Each week thoroughly clean and vacuum the mattress, bed base, blankets, and floor.
Dust the furniture, tops of doors, window frames, and windowsills with a damp cloth
The room should be aired thoroughly and the doors and windows closed after airing, particularly 3-4 hours before retiring.
The mattress, blankets and pillows should be aired in the sun for 3-4 hours every 3-4 weeks.

General Suggestions
If the patient is a child, use non stuffed washable toys kept in a toy box. The play area should preferably be outside the bedroom.
Keep dust levels as low as possible throughout the entire home, cleaning floors and furniture with a vacuum cleaner regularly. There should be airing after any cleaning. If possible, avoid having carpet on the floor.
Avoid handling articles covered with dust.

Suppliers of Dust Mite Bed Covers

  • Mitesafe Mattress Protectors are available through Harvey Norman stores
  • Airflow Products 0800 247 3569
  • Allergen Control Services  PO Box 15-720 New Lynn  Phone 8174669 

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