Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

Our speech-language therapists, Dr Anna Miles and Tessa Livingston are registered speech-language therapists with the New Zealand Speech-language Therapists' Association. They work with people with concerns about their voice or swallow.

Dr Anna Miles is the New Zealand Speech-language Therapists' Association Expert Adviser in Adult Swallowing Disorders, an internationally recognised researcher and a swallowing and voice specialist with 20yr+ experience in the field. 

Tessa Livingston is a speech-language therapist and graduate of 'The Actors Program' where she trained in voice for stage and screen.  Tessa has a special interest in professional voice use and performance voice.

Service for adults:

Swallowing Assessment and Therapy

Voice Assessment and Therapy

Head & Neck Cancer Multidisciplinary Management

Chronic Cough Therapy

Lee Silverman Voice Technique

Service for children:

Voice Assessment and Therapy

Chronic Cough Therapy

Online services:

Dr Anna Miles & Tessa Livingston both offer therapy via videoconferencing / telehealth 

EDUCATIONAL Services for professional voice users, performers and singers:

Professional Voice - protecting and healing your voice

Performance Voice - protecting and healing your voice

Transgender Voice Training:

Advice and voice training for those wanting to modify their voice as part of gender transition - how to create and maintain a voice you are happy with - without risk of voice abuse.

Other Services:

Specialist swallowing assessments - Videofluoroscopic Study of Swallowing & Flexible Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing

ACC providers

Second opinions and Expert opinions including ACC and legal expert opinion experience

Swallowing Therapy Head and Neck